March 18, 2019

On Clouds, Since August

What 8 months traveling will do

December 19, 2018

Nashville, 2 years apart

2016, from Industrious 2016, from Industrious

2018, from Industrious 2018, from Industrious

December 18, 2018

Morgantown to Pittsburgh

This morning, I woke up at 5:30am to pack my Osprey Farpoint1 and brush my teeth.

I then rode with Scott about 5 minutes down the road to the ride share carpark. A couple minutes later, Jonathan rolled up and we swapped Hondas.

It was pitch black outside, and the soothing tones of NPR permeated the environment.

But then Scott and Jonathan started chatting and sharing with me what they usually do to pass the time. We considered listening to a podcast, but then they decided to bring up some of the major topics they discuss on the way to work.

Is Nate Silver right that the Russia Disinformation attempts in 2016 had little to no impact on the election?

How will the Trump presidency end?

Who is going to run in 2020? Who has the best chance of winning?

Would you rather live in a science fiction future, or in a fictional fantasy world in the past?

Why is there a narrative that Christmas is under attack?

What does the future of humanity look like? How will things change?

After I bloviated for a couple minutes, I realized we’d arrived at the Chick-fil-a drop point for me. I grabbed a chicken biscuit, and then hopped on the city bus. I fed the bus meter $2 and 3 quarters.

Slowly, the sky started to brighten.

Once we got downtown, I hopped off, and walked the short 2 minutes to Industrious in downtown Pittsburgh.

It was a relatively efficient 1 hour 42 minutes in to the office, commuting from Morgantown!

Next stop: Nashville.

  1. I saw what felt like hundreds (more likely dozens) of these bags while traveling around Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and elsewhere. It’s as good of a bag as it is popular.

December 12, 2018

360° of Mt. Cook

Front-facing on the Sealy Tarns track

Looking back on the Sealy Tarns track

December 12, 2018

Just Walk Out

When I got off the train and walked into the main terminal at Ogilvie Center, there was an Amazon Go right at the corner.

I had to try it.

So I hopped on their free wifi, downloaded the Amazon Go app, scanned my barcode, walked in.

The app would tell me later that I spent 2 minutes and 49 seconds in the store.

The products inside were interesting. There were two rows of potato chips, apples, and dried fruit. There was a refrigerator of drinks. But otherwise, everything inside was either prepared food or was a meal kit.

I snagged a Whole Foods 365 bottled water.

And then I walked out.

There is a sense of freedom as you move about the store, which is interesting considering you know each step you take is being tracked by cameras and sensors and algorithms.

It absolutely feels frictionless.

Some observations:

  • Almost everybody stopped at the gates before exiting, and the Go employee at the front had to reassure them, No, it’s okay, you can just walk out.”
  • There were microwaves and plastic utensils at the front. Like a Japanese 7/11.
  • Everything is strictly Grab And Go”
  • They had full meals ready to heat, just like the kind most of our clients on Bottle sell DTC.
  • They had meal kits.
  • The foot traffic in front of this store, considering its location right in front of all the Metra tracks, is insane.
  • Seeing people across the hallway standing in line waiting to pay for their Pret A Manger sandwiches felt like you were looking back in time.

Amazon Go

Prepared food

My purchase

December 6, 2018

Eating in Mt. Cook National Park

Hooker Valley Track

Campsite living